Are Beagles Easy to Train?

Are Beagles Easy to Train

Many dog lovers would agree that the beagle is the ideal family pet. They are incredible puppies and are great with kids and adults alike. They are loyal and friendly, and fun to be around. But are beagles easy to train? Are they intelligent? Are they good dogs for beginners? Why are beagles challenging to … Read more

Australian Shepherd Quirks – Characteristics And Personality Traits

Australian Shepherd Quirks

The Australian Shepherd is a popular breed that is well worth knowing more about. This article looks at the Australian Shepherd quirks, characteristics, and personality traits of Aussie in detail. It’s important to understand the characteristics and personality traits before deciding which dog breed to adopt. The Australian Shepherd’s Characteristics The Australian Shepherd is a … Read more

Australian Shepherd Tail Docking

Australian Shepherd Tail Docking

The Australian Shepherd is an active and energetic dog. They are often used for herding livestock and agility. They are very active dogs which means that their tails get stepped on, knocked about, and damaged, making it painful and difficult to have a full, healthy tail. There have been many people who have asked the … Read more