The Five Worst Australian Shepherd Apartment Mistakes

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I’ve seen many people ask about the best way to keep their Aussie in an apartment. It’s a great question because I know many people who live in apartments who have Aussies. Aussies are, by nature, a very active breed. They love to play and have a lot of energy. That doesn’t go great with living in a small space. So here are the five worst Australian shepherd apartment mistakes I see people making.

Not Crate Training

Crate training is a great way to train your dog to use a crate as a place where they can be safe and rest. Crate training is gaining popularity due to its effectiveness in soothing an Australian Shepherd’s anxieties.

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Crate training has many advantages, including:

  • Creating a routine for the dog
  • Preventing accidents by keeping your pet in a safe area
  • Enforcing house rules on your dog while you are at work
  • Reducing stress by providing a routine for your pet

They are not Providing Enough Exercise.

To keep their bodies healthy, Australian Shepherds need a highly active lifestyle that includes regular exercise. A good daily routine for an Australian Shepherd is a walk around the block plus some playtime with their family members or their canine buddies.

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Benefits of enough exercise for dogs in apartments:

  • It will help your dog stay healthy and fit
  • It will also increase their happiness
  • A tired dog is less likely to bark or be destructive in your apartment.

Not Providing Enough Mental Stimulation

Many dog owners struggle to keep their Australian Shepherds engaged and focused on tasks. This is because they are a breed that requires a lot of physical activity. By providing them with an interactive puzzle toy, you can use their minds differently and engage them for more extended periods.

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Benefits of enough mental stimulation for dogs in apartments:

  • It keeps your dog healthy and prevents boredom from developing into destructive behavior like chewing.
  • Help improve the bond between you and your pet or even relieve anxiety in some dogs who might feel anxious due to living in an apartment alone or being left alone too often.
  • A puzzle feeder can help prevent destructive behavior in addition to offering supplemental nutrition.

Leaving Your Dog Alone For Long Periods of Time

This is a problem Australian shepherd owners should consider before leaving their Aussie at home for long periods.

Every dog has a different personality and temperament, so it’s essential to understand how your particular Aussie will react when left alone for too long in the apartment. Some dogs might be excited, while others may be bored or anxious. When left alone for extended periods, some dogs might even get destructive and chew up your furniture or tear up your carpeting. It’s essential to determine if this is a concern you need to address before leaping leaving your pup at home a little longer than usual without supervision.

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How to Keep your Aussie Happy in an Apartment

Australian Shepherds need a lot of exercise, and if they are not provided with this, They can express their energy in destructive ways such as chewing and digging. We can avoid this behavior by taking them on walks and playing fetch with them regularly.

Dogs are usually known for their energy and running, or biking is an excellent activity for Australian Shepherds. It’s good for their muscles and joints while also increasing mental stimulation. Dogs who run or bike regularly are more likely to live longer and healthier lives.

Aussie Shepherds are a hardworking breed of dog that requires mental stimulation to keep them engaged. These intelligent dogs have a lot of energy and love to explore the world around them. If Australian Shepherds are not given something challenging to do, they can get bored and destructive.

We hope you enjoyed our article about the five worst Australian shepherd apartment mistakes. Aussies are such a great breed, but they do tend to be relatively high-energy. So if you’re looking for a dog who will be content to stay home alone for long periods, you may want to look into a different breed. But if you’re looking for a dog who is clever, obedient, and loyal, the Australian shepherd is a great choice!

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